Flight SCC32


  • Rank: Chief Pilot
  • Callsign: SCC32
  • Arrival: Mayaguana Airport
  • PIREP Filed: Nov-22 2022

  • Landing Rate: -118
  • Status: Accepted
smartCARS version, 2022/11/22 UTC*[06:30:53] Preflight started, flying offline*[06:30:53] Flying Beechcraft Bonanza F33A*[06:30:53] Engine 1 is on*[06:31:02] Cruising altitude changed to 7000 ft*[06:31:55] Pushing back with 480 lb of fuel*[06:31:56] Taxiing to runway*[06:32:07] Taking off*[06:32:16] Climbing, pitch: 13, roll: 1 degrees right, 71 kts*[06:32:50] Gear lever raised at 560 ft at 61 kts*[06:33:00] Stalling*[06:33:05] Stall recovered after a minimum speed of 54 kts*[06:33:28] Stalling*[06:33:29] Stall recovered after a minimum speed of 69 kts*[06:41:29] Cruising at 7000ft, pitch: 5, 136 kts*[06:55:17] Descending*[06:56:03] Approaching*[07:03:32] Final approach, 143 kts*[07:06:06] Flaps set to position 1 at 1511 ft at 137 kts*[07:06:09] Flaps set to position 2 at 1469 ft at 134 kts*[07:06:17] Gear lever lowered at 1397 ft at 117 kts*[07:09:27] Sim paused*[07:09:45] Sim unpaused*[07:10:36] Go around conditions met*[07:11:17] Standard final approach conditions met*[07:11:33] Stalling*[07:11:34] Stall recovered after a minimum speed of 67 kts*[07:11:37] Stalling*[07:11:38] Stall recovered after a minimum speed of 73 kts*[07:11:44] Go around conditions met*[07:11:59] Standard final approach conditions met*[07:12:02] Stalling*[07:12:03] Stall recovered after a minimum speed of 102 kts*[07:12:05] Go around conditions met*[07:12:10] Standard final approach conditions met*[07:12:13] Go around conditions met*[07:12:15] Standard final approach conditions met*[07:12:20] Go around conditions met*[07:12:20] Standard final approach conditions met*[07:14:21] Go around conditions met*[07:14:26] Standard final approach conditions met*[07:14:26] Stalling*[07:14:30] Stall recovered after a minimum speed of 69 kts*[07:14:43] Go around conditions met*[07:14:50] Standard final approach conditions met*[07:16:13] Touched down at -118 fpm, gear lever: down, pitch: 6, roll: 2 degrees left, 48 kts*[07:16:23] Landed in 704 ft, fuel: 438 lb, weight: 3366 lb*[07:16:23] Taxiing to gate*[07:16:34] The flight may now be ended*[07:16:34] Taxi time was less than 15 seconds*[07:16:34] Arrived, flight duration: 00:44

Flight Details

Gross Revenue:
(18 load / $ 155.00 per unit
$ 2, 790.00
Fuel Cost:
(42 fuel used @ 0.78 / unit)
$ 32.76


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